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Custom Orders

Custom Orders :

Do you have a specific design that can only be accomodated through a Custom Order?

We offer various apparel services that range from pattern making, fabric design, your own Label acquisition and garment production. In short, from start to finish.

Custom Orders are very time consuming. To be able to facilitate a Custom order request, an hourly rate is assessed for each client. In order to keep costs on an appropriate level, it is important that each client have the all or some of the items ready before contacting our office:

1. A pattern or sketch of the item/s you wish to have made.
2. A sample of the fabric/s
3. The type/s of fabric blends you wish to have made up, including color swatches.
4. Sizes of the items, the larger the items, the more fabric is used, the higher the cost to make. The smaller the item, the more time consuming the effort to make, thus also altering the cost.
5. Any previously Custom made items you had done to either copy or compare to.
6. Your budget and estimated time frame you expect delivery.
7. If you prefer to have a Custom order made from any of our existing items, yet you wish to have them made in a different fabric or color, we require the style number/s, color and sizing.
8. A copy of your own Label that is to be included in every garment.
9. If you wish to acquire your own Label, we would need a sketch of the design in the specific font of your choice. We will acquire the Private Label for you, including all the documentation involved. To begin the Custom Order process, we ask that you fill out our Contact Form with as much information as possible. Once received, we e-mail you to setup a time that is convenient for our Office to call you. ...